Reflections from 2014 SPI Alumni

ClassEvery spring, our inboxes are clogged – in a good way! – with emails from all of you, prospective students of the Summer Publishing Institute checking in. You are talented, eager, full of great questions. So what is SPI really like? Can I hear from alumni? What kind of career help will I get? We understand: It’s The Dream of every word and book lover. We had (and followed) that dream too: Move to New York. Make friends. Learn the industry. Land my first publishing job. It’s all possible at SPI. But don’t just take it from us. Hear what members of the Class of 2014 say about their experiences:

“I wouldn’t have been hired without talking to an SPI alumna who worked at PEOPLE StyleWatch and getting her card. I emailed her about opportunities at work, and she was kind enough to send my résumé on to her boss – that’s how I got my job!”
–Rebecca Patton, Freelance Reporter, PEOPLE StyleWatch, Time Inc.

“The Summer Publishing Institute helped me gain valuable knowledge about the industry that I was determined to join. It also gave me the boost of confidence I needed to know that I was the right fit for the field and that there was a perfect publishing job out there for me where my skill set would be valued. After applying to an online job posting, I was lucky enough to get a great job working for an SPI alumna, and it has been a wonderful experience thus far.”
–Hanna Squire, Media Production Coordinator, Macmillan Higher Education, Macmillan

Mentor“I wouldn’t have my job without the knowledge and support gained from SPI. The program opened my eyes to different facets of the publishing industry, and speaking with past alumni and NYU employees led me to my career as a literary agent.”
–Cara Mannion, Junior Agent, Harold Ober Associates

“More than anything, SPI helped to clear the fog. After the program, I had a much better idea of the jobs I wanted and how to get them.”
–James Thorne, Assistant Editor, Time Inc.

“Outside of the invaluable network it provides, SPI gave me a really solid understanding of the media industry as it is today, which enabled me to go into interviews confidently and knowledgeably. Moreover, now that I’ve been on-the-job for six months, I can see that what I learned at SPI about magazine media and how it’s constantly evolving gave me an incredible foundation upon which to build as I continue to learn about the media industry and my place in it.”
–Will Prigge, Sales Associate, Meredith Corporation

Group“SPI is great practice for a 9-to-5 (or later!) workday, and I felt very prepared as I started my job. My network of fellow SPI graduates has also been a great source for job postings, interesting publishing news, and professional queries.”
–Claire Stetzer, Editorial Assistant, Sterling Publishing

We look forward to seeing you in June!

–Andrea Chambers, April Naoko Heck, and the staff of the NYU Summer Publishing Institute


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