2011 SPI Alumna Reflects

The Summer Publishing Institute  at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies was the subject of a recent post by alumna Julia Nollen in the Market Partners International blog Publishing Trendsetter. Below are some excerpts:

Summer Publishing Institute alumna Julia Nollen

“Last year, I set my sights high in hopes of breaking into the industry by applying for New York University’s prestigious Summer Publishing Institute certificate program. SPI (as it’s regularly referred to) annually accepts about 100 applicants worldwide to its 6-week-long intensive course, which is comprised of lectures and tutorials from some of the most influential and innovative members of the industry. From designing magazine feature spreads to drafting profit and loss statements [for books and e-books], students are given a crash course in all things publishing. What I found most appealing about SPI was its focus on the current and future state of the publishing industry. Print runs are shrinking, and unit costs are growing, we’re told. Texts are now tweets, and looking over your shoulder no longer reveals the identities of those ‘following’ you. But publishing houses are using the web’s unprecedented reach to enhance product discoverability and to expand existing audiences.  By offering weekly web design workshops and tutorials for both print and digital platforms, SPI’s lectures embrace this change and cover all avenues of publishing. Students are asked to analyze current trends and consider future solutions.

I have made invaluable contacts through the wide breadth of resources NYU eagerly extends its attendees, and have secured three internships for the fall season. Other students were offered full-time positions because of their time at NYU. And, if building lasting relationships with HR managers from the ‘Big Six’ [six major book publishing companies] isn’t enough incentive, consider the valuable feedback you’re guaranteed to receive on your résumé, interview performance, and overall contribution to both magazine and book groups. There is nothing like nervously sliding one’s magazine designs across a table, only to be critiqued and commended by the Art Director of Esquire, David Curcurito. Though our conversation was followed by a few residual heart palpitations, Mr. Curcurito‘s advice left a lasting impression and inspired me to radically reconsider my professional goals.

While every person’s experience at SPI is unique, most alumni (including me) would enthusiastically recommend the program to others. Ultimately, there’s nothing like learning about the industry in its epicenter locale of New York City, alongside other like-minded bibliophiles and aspiring publishing professionals.”

You can read the full post here: http://publishingtrendsetter.com/industryinsight/spi/#more-1291.

SPI 2011 students attend a seminar on magazine trends.

We’re extremely proud of the professors and students who make the SPI one of the leading intensives for publishing professionals in the country.The application for next year’s SPI will be available in early November and the application deadline is March 26, 2012.

For more information, please visit: http://www.scps.nyu.edu/areas-of-study/publishing/continuing-education/summer-publishing-institute.html

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