Publishing on the Rebound?

Seth Harris:Will we soon reach new heights in publishing?
Seth Harris: will we soon reach new heights in publishing?

Although we may not want to bring out the champagne just yet, all is not doom and gloom in the publishing industry these days. At a recent NYU Publishing Alumni Association meet-up, several former and current NYU Master of Science in Publishing students noted some increases in business activity and investments being made at their companies. All in all, the mood was much brighter and for once, there was no major talk about layoffs, restructurings and consolidations in publishing.

While this certainly doesn’t mean a return to publishing’s “glory days” of yesteryear, it’s an indication of the opportunities and innovation currently happening in our industry.  At least a dozen or so participants at the gathering said that their companies are investing heavily in digital products and services  such as new websites, mobile device applications (including those for the iPhone) and international licensing initiatives.

With these innovations taking place, it’s easy to see the growth opportunities that are on the horizon. Still, anecdotal evidence of a rebound aside, we’re not in the clear yet. This means it’s important to hang in there, remain optimistic and continue to be creative and savvy as we prepare for a full-fledged recovery from the recession, which hopefully will happen sooner rather than later.

The NYU Publishing Alumni Association is a great way to pick up industry trends and news. Members always set aside time to talk about a publishing topic in the news or an industry issue, and everyone weighs in. And it’s also an important way to network, meet new people in publishing, and possibly find your next job! The next NYU Publishing Alumni Association meet-up is scheduled for Thursday, October 15 at 6:30 pm. The location is to be determined. In addition to alumni, the gathering is open to all current students.

by Seth Harris
NYU Publishing Student Association Alumni Representative


One thought on “Publishing on the Rebound?

  1. Thanks, Seth, for coming to our meetup and letting current students know about our NYU Publishing Association. Our meetups tend to occur every six weeks or so and are open to both current and past NYU Master’s and Certificate Publishing students.

    If anyone would like to be added to our official distribution list and find out about future meetups, please request to join either our LinkedIn ( or Facebook ( groups.


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